As a result of COVID-19, a large part of work force is finding themselves now working from home. It’s not an easy transition for some and even those who are used to working remotely, are facing new challenges. 

Below are some great tips on how to adjust to these new circumstances:

Create a Plan 

The mental association you make between work and going into an office can make you more productive, and there’s no reason that feeling should be lost. 

  • Routine is important! When working from home, do all the things you’d do to prepare for an office role: 
    • Set your alarm, enjoy a cup coffee, wear nice clothes

    Where to Work

    Create a designated work space that allows you to be as productive as possible. 

    • Private, quiet & comfortable area 
    • Tech needs – phone, internet speed, printer, video chat, etc
    • Recreate your normal working environment as much as possible – browsers, bookmarks 
    • Test things out 
    • Tips: add a real plant, adjust the lighting

      When to Work

      Every individual is most productive at different times of the day!

      • Save harder tasks for when you’re in the right headspace
      • Knock out easier, logistical tasks in the slower parts of the day
        • these build momentum for the heavier projects
      • Weigh this against your client’s schedules & availability


      Working from home can be full of distractions! Setting a schedule can help you avoid common pitfalls.

      • Make a schedule that works for your situation
      • Break it into short bursts, 30 to 50 minute increments
      • Add frequent breaks, 15 to 30 minutes
      • Write a To Do List each day to make sure you stay on task

        Identify Opportunities

        Use this unexpected time to identify opportunities we might not have seen before

        • Increase communication with your client’s
        • Poll your client’s and learn what their needs are. How can you meet those needs
        • Research your competitor(s). Learn from their strengths and weaknesses
        • Think outside the box

        Self Improvement

        This is a great time to do those things you’ve been meaning to get to.

        • Strengthen your skills
        • Learn something new
        • Move the low priority items up on the list
        • Tackle that large project you’ve been pushing off
        • Get organized, i.e. Housekeeping
        • Take advantage of free resources


        • Get outside
        • Work out/exercise
        • Eat healthy
        • Listen to music
        • Connect with a “human” each day
        • Wear headphones
        • Start slow
        • Be flexible