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Marketing Strategy + Content Strategy


Strategy is the most important element and plays a critical role in everything we do. Whether thats creating a website, developing a brand or crafting a content marketing approach, it’s important to conduct the research necessary to establish a successful game plan. This groundwork helps to ensure that we create a plan with clear expectations, and are more successful in delivering your desired results. Our strategy can be broken down into four parts: marketing strategy, competitive analysis, information architecture and user experience (UX).

Marketing Strategy

Our marketing strategy starts with completing research on your industry, your target audience and reviewing the history of your company. We acknowledge your areas opportunity and identify your strengths to be highlighted. This information allows us to pinpoint the appropriate marketing tactics that will deliver the results to meet your goals. 

Competitive Analysis

Our competitive analysis identifies your competitors both online and offline and looks at your direct local competition, as well as those companies who are doing a great job throughout the nation. We evaluate your company and the industry you are in to determine strengths and weaknesses that will be used in the strategizing process.

Information Architecture

When it comes to information architecture, we not only rely on our vast expertise across many industries, but we also apply some commonsense usability standards to organize your content or website structure to ensure the best experience possible on all devices.

User Experience (UX)

We ask a lot of questions in order to really dig deep into how your business operates. We want to know things like – how your current client perceives the value you provide them, or what do they need most from you. These are just some of the questions that help us to create the best user experience (UX) for your company’s products, system or service. We will learn about your customer’s emotions and attitudes towards your company and its offerings to create something that is truly geared at exactly what they need.