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Auburn Ridge

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An Idea. A Vision. A Dream.

If you know us, you know that in addition to marketing & design, we love homes and all the projects that come with them. As you can imagine, we were delighted to work with Auburn Ridge. Sifting through all their beautiful work not only inspired us, but made us jealous too!

Auburn Ridge contacted Kella Design with the desire to update their existing website. Our goal was to pair their old world craftsmanship of building custom made cabinets and millwork with a website that not only showcased their top-of-the-line portfolio, but was also more user-friendly, designed for both desktop and mobile, and made it easy for clients to view products and services.

Creating Cohesion

Once the new website launched, it was important to ensure that all the marketing materials were cohesive. Therefore, we quickly moved to creating print materials; two custom designed flyers – one that promoted the various types of cabinets available and one that showcased all the millwork available.

Products that are both trendy and traditional.

In 1898, the brand that would become Auburn Ridge began, like most things begin, with an idea, a vision, a dream. From an old lumber mill in Marshall, Wisconsin, to an innovative cabinet and millwork workshop, decades of tradition and craftsmanship seep through every inch of their building. The smell of freshly cut timber continues to permeate the air. Layers of sawdust fill the nooks and crannies and, like the rings of a tree, tell their history.

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